Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Wrap Up Birthday Cash - The Perfect Birthday Gift Idea for the "Hard to buy for" Person Happy Birthday Tags and Labels

If you like to give CASH for birthday presents then we've got a really fabulous way to gift wrap that cash.  We've designed a label that fits nicely around a soda bottle but you can also put it on other containers.  Fill the bottle with a lot of cash or a little cash. We used $1.00 bills and could put 30 in the bottle (the one shown isn't filled up completely)  Crinkle the bills a bit  as you put them inside so they won't fall to the bottom. You can also fill up the bottom of the bottle with crinkle paper. 

We also have a design that's perfect for the boys!

And yes, we've included a cute "Happy Birthday" tag for the top of the bottle.  There are three different sizes for you to choose from.  Back them with your favorite scrapbook paper as shown if you like.

The three balloons say "Party"  "Celebrate" and "Cheers"  

You can layer the tags as much as you like with matching scrapbook paper or just use the tag the way it is, without any backing. Sizes shown are 3", 2.5" and 2"

We wanted to take a photo of the bottle without the cash so you could see how it looks.  It's a super simple craft and so much fun to do. For BIG girls and LITTLE girls.

The dark pink paper in photo is not cut straight across. We liked this look but it turned out that it was difficult to match the ends etc so we opted for a straight cut.

Cut a piece of scrapbook paper the same height as your largest paper (5" tall) and wide enough to cover the gap between the two edges of the light pink and label pieces and glue it down.

Whoever you give this cute "Money" gift to will absolutely love it. It looks like you went to a lot of work when in reality it was pretty easy and fun to make.  We have one similar to this for boys in our Blog ad Etsy shop.

CLICK HERE to get this "Happy Birthday" Label
for BOYS and GIRLS


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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

6 Father's Day Themed Candy Bar Wraps--Easy Gift for the Kids to Give Dad

 Here's a simple but thoughtful gift for the kids to give dad for Father's Day. Super simple.....just download the file, print, cut and adhere to a candy bar. The kids can definitely be a part of putting together this gift for dad.  There are 6 different wraps for this size candy bar.

Click HERE to get these for your Dad and husband

 Don't just give dad 1 wrapped candy about a box or basket of special Father's Day candy bars? These wraps fit around a 1.55 oz regular Hershey Bar (not the ones with nuts)

 There are wraps with girls and boys plus each has a different Father's Day message.

 One of these fun wrapped Hershey chocolate bars would be a nice addition to the top of one of Dad's Father's Day gifts too.

 We bought out giant Hershey candy bars at our local grocery store but I would check out the prices at Walmart...they're sure to be less.You can get them in a box of 6 for about $3.00

 This is a digital file.  You will receive 6 different wraps  for the regular sized Hershey candy bars.  Just purchase, download the files to your computer, print and cut.  (only for personal use, they are not for resale or commercial use-no crafts fairs of internet sales)   We suggest taking the file (flash drive) to Office Depot, Office Max or anywhere that uses a laser printer. The colors will be bright and crips.

Click HERE to go to our 
Etsy shop and get a set for yourself.


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Monday, May 30, 2016

Kisses for Dad and Grandpa, Father's Day Gifts, Hershey Kisses

What a fun and easy gift for dad on Father's Day. A container FULL of Hershey Kisses. If Dad has a sweet tooth he's going to love this gift!  Showing above are 4 different ways to decorate these glass jars. The sky's the limit on how you can decorate it. A bit of ribbon, twine and cardstock is all it takes. 

I love this glass jar. It's the perfect size for this gift.  (Picked it up at Deseret Book to use for Christmas gifts) We backed the "Kisses" label with a masculine cardstock in brown and light brown and added a matching orange grosgrain ribbon. 

We used a caning jar (Mason Jar) for this one. We know that a lot of you have canning jars at home and using them would make this project even easier!  Once again, you could use ribbon or twine. We used a solid brown cardstock to back the label.

 We also cut out a circle of  brown polkadot cardstock the same size as the jar's lid and put it on top of the lid....didn't like the way the gold lid looked. I think it just finished it. 

The labels measures 2.6" tall and 11" wide.  Be sure to keep that in mind when looking for a container.

We went with a orange stripe cardstock and a solid brown cardstock for this one. We love the solid colored twine and wrapped it around the lid with a tag. We used four different colors of brown in the words to give you more options when matching the cardstock and ribbon to the label.

We used a cardstock with writing on it and a solid brown cardstock for the back piece and used both solid brown and orange twine around the bottle.  I like layering multiple pieces of cardstock. 

When you put the label around the container you might have a gap between the label ends. If so, just cut another piece of paper the width and height of your paper and adhere it to the label. Cut it a little bit wider than the gap. 

We are also including a sheet of round "To and From" labels. You may not need a tag but just in case....... we've got you covered. Use a 2" or a 1.5" round paper punch.

This would be a great gift for the kid's to give Dad! They could even help put it together. 

Both labels and tag are available here

If you would like to purchase the one below, already made up and ready to give to Dad 
click HERE


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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Good Luck Smartie Pants-Slip into the Kid's Lunchbox when it's Test Day, Spelling Bee, Musical Performance etc.

 Here's a lunchbox treat for your little "Smartie"  We've designed some round labels that can be attached to a little bag of Smarties candy. Slip it into their lunchbox for a special surprise at lunch time. It's a great way to let your kids know that you think they are a "Smartie"



Click HERE to purchase a set in 
our Etsy Shop.

It's also the perfect tag for the first day of school. Some may be worried about school and how they may do and this will be a positive way to remind them that they will do GREAT!

These labels are designed for a 2" round paper punch.  Then use a very small paper punch to put two holes in the top of each circle. Thread your twine through it and around the plastic bag of your choice and tie a bow.  That's all there is to it. You could also use yarn or string. Fill the bag with enough treats for your little ones or extra Smarties to share with their friends at school.  Perfect for any day but especially on test day. 

The TAGS come in orange, green, yellow, blue, red and purple. 

I used pretzels bags which are available at any craft store.  Look in the cake decorating department in your local craft store for small clear bags.  You can get a package of 25 Smarties from the dollar store.

Click HERE to purchase a set in 
our Etsy Shop.

To see lots of fun things for the kids, back to school and Teacher Appreciation Click HERE


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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fun Ideas for Summer Vacation Activities Plus A Easy Way to Organize It

We're reissuing this blog post just in time for the kid's summer vacation!

I loved it when the kid's summer vacation came more homework, no getting up early.....just relaxation and fun!  Okay, so every minute isn't perfect and there may be times when the kids don't always get along....  So how do we make this summer one the kids will always remember?  One simple word: Organization. We've found a lot of really great and fun ideas to fill the summer hours. Things the kids will like and you too.  Things you can do on an individual basis or as a family.

So you're asking "How am I going to organize this summer vacation?" We've got the perfect answer.  Our Summertime Activity Jar  will make this task simple!

There are 18 different tags in each color.  (red, green and orange-54 tags in all in this printable) Write an activity on each card and put one colored tag in each jar and have the kids draw out a card from the appropriate jar. That way you will be able to plan your day by the time the activity takes. You may not need this large of a jar and you may not use all the cards but we've made sure that you do have a lot of cards in case you need them.  There are actually 4 different labels for the jars too.

Click HERE to get the printable for this Summer Activity Jar

Red cards are for an activity that takes less than an hour.  Green cards are for activities that take more than an hour and orange cards are for activities that take more than a day. Just write the activities on each card. You can put a round sticker on each card to close it to there's no peeking!

The sky's the limit on what fun activities you can put on these cards. Use your imagination, ask the kids what they want to do this summer and check our blog often for more fabulous activity ideas!

Quick activities can be fun too. They might be just the thing to get the kids out of the "I'm bored" frame of mind.  You can put this label on a box or any kind of container instead of a glass jar.

Learning to bake and cook is an excellent activity....Swimming and water balloon games are fun too. Check out some of the activities we found below.  We will be posting more ideas for summer activities in future posts.

Activities that take more than a day are perfect for the orange jar.  You may need the kids to draw out a specific card and you can do that by making the card or keeping track of what activity is on which design of card or picking it out of the jar yourself.  I'm sure this jar won't be loaded like the one in the photo. You could use a smaller jar.  We purchased these jars at IKEA for $2 or $3.

Click HERE to get the printable for this Summer Activity Jar

Below are some ideas to get you started filling out your activity cards.  Lots of great ideas with more to come!

Kids love scavenger hunts and its something you can do inside the house or in the backyard or even at a park.  Have fun looking at these ideas!  Click HERE


Now this Jumbo Backyard Kerplunk game looks like fun. Click HERE

Kids love bean bag games plus it helps with their coordination!  Click HERE

All I can say about this game is FUN FUN FUN   Click HERE

Time for the kids to be creative!  Click HERE

Excellent outdoor game. (sorry but couldn't find the original link but It is pretty explanatory)

COOL and Fun Activity!   Click HERE

This sounds like an afternoon of fun.  Click HERE

Click HERE to see one of our Summer Activity Posts 
in our blog with a LOT of Fun Ideas

We have Soooooo Many Fun Activities and games for your kid's Summer Vacation that we can't post everything here.  Watch for other posts with Amazingly fun Ideas.  Your kid's SUMMER Vacation is going to ROCK THIS YEAR!!!!

Click HERE to get the printable for this Summer Activity Jar


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Friday, April 29, 2016

A Fun Gift Card Holder for All Occasions-Teacher Appreciation, Birthdays, Graduation etc.

People just LOVE to get gift cards and it's a pretty easy gift. We've just designed this one here and we hope you just love it!  There are five different message tags that you can use to personalize each one for a different event. This gift card holder really displays the gift card nicely.  Vertical cards or horizontal cards  look great.  It's a kit and all you need is glue to put it together. We supply everything else so it's super easy. Takes only a few minutes. Made with premium cardstock and ribbon. 

Whatever the occasion is we've got you covered. Just put the tag on the card with the appropriate message for your gift and you're done.

Great to give for:
 Teacher Appreciation
New Job 
or just to say 
 "I love you" 
or "You're Awesome

Some gift cards have a vertical design. They will fit nicely on this card too.

Fun Gift Cards to Give Are:

Movie gift cards
Restaurant gift cards
iTunes cards
Office Supply cards
Starbucks cards 
Fast food restaurants cards
Clothing Stores cards
Disney Store cards
Walmart cards 
and many more options

 Each gift card comes with a white envelope.   The tag comes with a green grommet in it which makes it easy to thread the green ribbon through and then tie a bow.  We used white foam dots to adhere the gift card- it just gives it a little dimension.

 It's a gift card holder unique to us that will be loved by the recipient.

CLICK HERE For more Info about these Gift Card Holders


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