Monday, October 13, 2014

Cute Push Bears in Halloween Costumes - Ballerina, Wizard, Pumpkin and Ghost

We've got some darling bears for Halloween!  What can you do with them?

*Include them in a box, bag or tin as treats for the kids
*Hang them on your Halloween Tree
*Use them for Halloween decorations
*Use them on your dining or buffet table
*Give them to your "special" trick or treaters
*and so many other fun things!

 Ballerina - 6" tall
 Wizard - 5.5" tall
 Ghost - 4.5" tall
 Pumpkin - 6" tall

The Wizard bear is so cute wit his blue jacket, wizard staff and blue hat with stars. Love the star that is stitched at his neck. He's even holding his own trick or treat bag.

Close-up View

The bears are jointed. You can move their legs and arms. Bear can sit down or stand up. Head is not joined however.  

The Ballerina Bear is perfect for the little girls. Her toe shoes are delightful and so is her hat with the two pink streamers. She's got her own pumpkin trick or treat bag too.

Close-Up View

Pumpkin Bear comes in his own Jack-o-Lantern costume. His pumpkin hat has a velcro strip under the chin and can be removed if you like, so can the costume.  

Close-Up View

This Ghost bear's costume has a strip of velcro down the back and can be removed. He's got his own pumpkin treat or treat bag too.  His eyes peer through the holes in the costume. 

Close-Up View

We cut the tags off of all four of the bears used in the photo so you could see get a better view of the bears. The ones you purchase will come with a paper tag attached  and a soft tag on their leg.  
All four bears are in brand new condition, still in original bag and from a smoke-free environment.
Each bear is a Marcel Schurman bear and was sold at the Papyrus Store.

They come in a set of 4- Ballerina, Ghost, Pumpkin and Wizard plush bears.
CONTACT us if you want to buy more than one set of bears and we'll give you a new shipping price and send you an invoice through Paypal.  ( )

You can make your purchase through this PAYPAL button-Use credit cards too
Shipping is First Class $5.50   Just CLICK on the BUY NOW Button to
go to Paypal and make the purchase.

You can buy with confidence! I've got almost 10,000 positive feedback on eBay. If you want to check out my eBay store and the feedback CLICK HERE  The name is liddle65  but don't worry, that's me!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Need Ideas for Halloween Dinners and Dessert? Betty Crocker and Pillsbury Come to the Rescue!

Every year we make up a Halloween themed dinner for Family Sunday dinner and sometimes it's hard to come up with something yummy and looks like Halloween.  Last year we bought the Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook and it is an excellent resource. We also found a lot of the Halloween themed recipes on the Pillsbury Web Site that you will want to check out. Which one of the recipes below is your favorite....or better yet, which one will your family actually eat?

Serve Mexican food and include this cute Scarecrow Taco Dip.  Super simple to make.  This top photo is my version and the bottom photo is from Betty Crocker-Mine came out pretty close to the original and it tasted DELICIOUS!

Spiderweb Black Bean Burgers

Halloween Tarantula Tacos (super simple)

Jack-o'-Lantern Chicken Taco Cups

Monster Toes  (cocktail-size smoked link sausages )

You'll find 100 recipes accompanied by scary FULL-COLOR Photographs in the Betty Crocker Halloween cookbook.  There's Bonus features on setting up a Halloween buffet, easy ways to reuse Halloween candy and recipes for giving ghoulish gifts.  Helpful cooking tips and techniques throughout, along with full nutrition information for each recipe.

Click HERE to go to AMAZON.COM and see more photos from the book and possibly order one. I got mine at Costco last year so they might have them again this year. It was the same price as the ones on

Click HERE to go to the Pillsbury Site for lots of Halloween themed recipes for your Halloween parties!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Freebie - Halloween Tags for Hershey Kisses-Party Favor, Treat for the Office or for Trick or treaters!

Halloween candy is great but when you can add a little flare to it in the case of a wrap or a tag you've got something special.  We've designed some tags for Hershey Kisses that are a part of our Square Pumpkin collection.......but this part of the collection is a FREEBIE!  Use them to fill treat bags for party favors, trick or treaters, for your co-workers or family and friends.  They would also be a yummy addition to your Halloween party just sitting in a pretty (or scary) bowl for your guests to munch on. The chocolate kiss just got even more yummy!

They come in three different colors as shown above, brown, light orange and white.  There are 54 tags to the sheet. You can print out as many as you like, but REMEMBER, they are only for personal use. They are not for you to resale or use commercially.

How to get the freebie....
Just head over to our Instagram page and start following us. Look for the same photo that is at the top of this page on our Instagram page and leave a message below it, including your email and we'll send you the digital file of our Square Pumpkin Kiss tags. Click HERE for Instagram

For FACEBOOK just head over to our page and like us and leave us a message and your email and we'll send the digital file to you. Click HERE for Facebook

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